Homemade pistachio ice cream


60 g pistachio kernels
3 eggs
400 ml liquid pastry cream
180 g powdered sugar
35 g dried cranberries
60 g dried orange peels
Peel from half lemon
1 tsp rum


Roast the nuts into the oven and when they are cold, grind them in a blander. Soak the cranberries and the orange peels in some water with rum. Divide the egg whites from the egg yolks. Half of the powdered sugar is whipped with the egg white until they form stiff peaks, the other half we add to the yolk and stir in a heatproof bowl that fits snugly over a pot of barely simmering water, until creamy mixture. Take off the bowl from the stove, add the whipped cream, egg whites, grounded nuts and the drained dried fruits.
Leave the mix to freeze for 4 hours.